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Wonton In A Million

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For the planner who can't get enough pink, our 2022 Sakura Collection takes its inspiration from cherry blossom season - featuring soft, floating wisps of cloud and a colourway of pinks, whites, and magentas. With a full range of products in the Sakura Collection for all of your planning needs, you're sure to find a piece that'll make you feel like you're lounging below a cherry blossom tree year round.

  • 15.25x20.25x2cm (closed) sticker album with 60 side-loading quarter pockets (11x9cm) in the front half of the album and 30 side-loading half pockets (11x19.5cm) in the back half of the album. Carry around both your planner stickers and sticker kits in one multi-functional album!

  • Cover features original Wonton In A Million artwork printed on 0.6mm white PVC. Sleeves are 0.08mm transparent PVC.

All words and images belong to Wonton In A Million.