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Adhesive Pocket - Small - Soft Vinyl
Adhesive Pocket - Small - Soft Vinyl
Lauren Phelps Design

Adhesive Pocket - Small - Soft Vinyl

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14.75cm x 8.45cm 
2 card slots: 7cm each
enjoy this adhesive pocket
carefully laid out for use in any creative way,
peel the protective backing off the adhesive layer &
place in/on desired location.
adhesive is permanent & could cause damage if removed.


Pricing may fluctuate based on inflated shipping costs associated with Covid-19 and the impacts to manufactured production.

**Please note the vinyl material, though acid free, in some cases and weather factors, can cause transfer from some surfaces like, glitter, foil or other toner type printing process. Additionally, in some covers ‘pressure marks’  from shipping can be seen. These will go away with time but if you are anything like me, I like to give them a bit of hair dryer heat and soften them up then stack a book on them with the notebook inside. Works like a charm! Vinyl is so malleable & can be stretched pretty easy with heat! Both of these situations are considered a wear and tear situation and will not merit a replacement, though if you have an unusual circumstance please contact me immediately.

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