Stickers: Oops Bags - 5 Sheets

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OOOPS! These are stickers with minor errors which may include:

- cut line slightly off to the sides (offcut)
- cut lines not deep enough (will be a little 'sticky' and require some effort to remove off the sheet)
- printer saturation is not the way I like it
- I used one sticker as a sample for a photo
- sheet border cut imperfectly
- cuts went all the way through so stickers are single stickers
- printer quality not set to High
- page got bent
- cut too deep

Each set contains 5 sheets of stickers in a random variety. Some sheets may be discontinued stickers or past Wacky holidays. Any extra sheets are considered bonuses (lucky you!) :D If you order more than one pack, you may receive doubles since the stickers are assorted and pre-packed randomly!

What you need to know:

Size: Each sheet is approximately 11.5x9 cm.
Material: Non-removable matte white adhesive paper
Design: All designs are original and created by Once More With Love. No clip art is being used in my designs.


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