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FUNCTIONAL- Signature Rainbow Half Boxes:

Pick your size of rainbow to add a touch of whimsy to your spreads! I use these rainbow halfboxes for everything! In my planner, to seal letters, as small gift tags, and as accents in my journal or on dashboards! 

1.5": Signature rainbow halfboxes that are 1.5" wide perfect for fitting any planner that has 1.5" wide columns or boxes! These are the size I use for small gift tags and on dashboards! You will get 10 per sheet with a bonus washi strip. 

1": Signature rainbow 1" halfboxes are 1" wide perfect for hobonichi cousin and techo as well as jibun techo B6 slim! Can also be used as a floater box in larger columns, and for sealing envelopes! You will get 18 per sheet with a bonus washi strip. 

Weeks: Signature rainbow Hobo boxes are .832" wide and fit perfect in the hobonichi weeks, smaller monthly views like the jibun techo B6 slim, hobonichi cousin, and hobonichi techo. You get 16 plus a bonus washi strip. 

**There is also a buy all option which will give you one sheet of each!** 

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