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This item is a preorder and while we do our best to make sure it arrives on time, things do happen. It has a very short turnaround time so before purchasing make sure you are ok with it arriving when it does. 

- Boxes are NOT eligible for Shipping Club as they need to be shipped on their own and will not fit in a satchel. Please pay for shipping on this item. 

- NO COUPONS / DISCOUNTS / REWARDS allowed during Preorder. Any orders using codes or discounts of any kind will be refunded + canceled.
- There will be NO refunds or returns on this product.⁠
- The Advents are scheduled to arrive early to mid December, With current shipping circumstances, We will do our best to get the box to you but we cannot guarantee delivery by then. 

- I recommended purchasing express shipping. There will be no refunds if the box arrives late.

- There is no guarantee that we will have extras available in the shop for purchase. We won't know until after each box is successfully received. IF there are any extras they will be listed in early 2022.

- By purchasing this item you are agreeing to all of the above terms. 


  • Box must be purchased by itself. Meaning you cannot purchase the box + other items in the shop in a single purchase. If items are purchased along with the box, they will be shipped out separately and shipping costs will be charged accordingly.


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