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The Cookie Sticker Co Advent Drip Box will be available for presale starting Saturday, September 18th at 7 am AEST through Friday, September 24th at 11:59 PM AEST.⁠
- There's NO QUANTITY LIMIT! The more boxes sold the better 🤗  but PLEASE make purchases individually so that each box is charged shipping.
- NO COUPONS / DISCOUNTS / REWARDS allowed during Preorder. Any orders using codes or discounts of any kind will be refunded + canceled.
- There will be NO refunds or returns on this product.⁠
- The Advent Drip Boxes are scheduled to ship in late November to ensure delivery before December 13th, the 1st day of the 13 day countdown! With current shipping circumstances, We will do our best to get the box to you but we cannot guarantee delivery by the 13th.
- I recommended purchasing express shipping. There will be no refunds if the box arrives late.
- You will receive 13 numbered envelopes with a surprise item(s) inside. Some items will be more/bigger than others and vary in value from $10-$30+ per envelope!
- We don't want to ruin the fun of the Advent Drip Box so the items inside will not be revealed until the scheduled event is over but you are guaranteed a PACKED box of planner goodies (including washi, stickers, sticky notes, etc. plus new items never released in the shop before!)
- There is no guarantee that we will have extras available in the shop for purchase. We won't know until after each box is successfully received. IF there are any extras they will be listed in early 2022.
- By purchasing this item you are agreeing to all of the above terms.