Weekly Kit: Ninja

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Let's welcome back our favourite Steam Team alter ego, Ninja Suey! Featuring an assortment of stationery, planner supplies, and accessories, the Ninja Suey Collection will surely bring some sneakiness and whimsy to your planner.

  • This standard weekly sticker kit includes five 4.5x7" sticker sheets, with sheets A-D printed on high quality matte paper with vinyl lamination and sheet E printed on high quality non-laminated matte paper, which means you can write on it with any pen!
  • Sticker elements are sized to fit planners with 1.5" wide columns like our weekly planners but are usable in a variety of planners: headers and date cover stickers are 1.5" wide, and full box stickers are 1.9" tall by 1.5" wide


    1. WEEKLY KIT STICKERS (VERTICAL) - Ninja (Standard) - (A) Full Boxes
    2. WEEKLY KIT STICKERS (VERTICAL) - Ninja (Standard) - (B) Headers
    3. WEEKLY KIT STICKERS (VERTICAL) - Ninja (Standard) - (C) Date Covers
    4. WEEKLY KIT STICKERS (VERTICAL) - Ninja (Standard) - (D) Functional
    5. WEEKLY KIT STICKERS (VERTICAL) - Ninja (Standard) - (E) Half Boxes

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