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Want a way to store your stickers in one place? Use these repositionable sticker storage albums to collect your stickers!

The album comes with blank silicon coated pages that you can use for your own collection. They are great for storing freebies or even full sticker sheets so that you can carry around a sticker album instead of loose sheets!

Stickers may require some time or pressure to adhere to the silicon coating so please try to close the book after placing your stickers in and allowing it time to settle. This varies depending on the type of sticker material you are using! Munchkins will stick totally fine, however, some other shop stickers with different levels of adhesiveness may affect its ability to stick to the pages!

The front and back covers contain slits so that you can remove the cardstock and slot in your own design! They are specifically made to be snug so be sure to wiggle the cardstock a bit in order to remove it. When inserting new cardstock, also wiggle carefully to get it in!

We also offer this in a larger 5x7 size. If you prefer that size, make sure to check it out! 

One 4x6 inch sticker storage album with 30 pages of silicon coated sheets. Front and back covers have slots that fit 4x6 dashboards.

1) Size - 4x6
2) Type - repositionable and reusable sticker album
3) Material - plastic, silicon coated paper
4) Design - All designs are original and created by me. No clip art is being used in my designs.

Despite our best efforts to capture this item's colour accurately, please note that colours may vary based on screen differences.

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