Washi: Master Artists Collection | 15mm

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Ode to Van Gough

Bring Van Gogh's famous Starry Night to your planner pages with this gorgeous, sparkly washi! While this cartoonized version does not do the original justice, you will surely get a magical feeling every time your planner pages catches the light.

Size: 15mm x 10m

Foil: gold

 Ode to Monet

Feel like you are outside on a foggy day, observing the gorgeous lilies with each passing season. A tribute to Monet's fascination with his water lilies.

Size: 15mm x 10m

Foil: silver

 Ode to Hokusai

Fitting with the rest of the Master Artists collection, "The Great Wave off Kanagawa" is such an influential piece that have thought to influence Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet. It has also been said to be "possibly the most reproduced image in the history of all art", and this washi tape has been added to that list.

Size: 15mm x 10m

Foil: teal

 Ode to Da Vinci

A Renaissance man, I wanted to capture the brilliance of Leonardo Da Vinci beyond his art. This pattern is a stylized compilation of notes and sketches from Da Vinci's tattered notebooks.

Size: 15mm x 10m

Foil: brown

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