TheCoffeeMonsterzCo Annual Presale

Presale begins: June 19th, 8:00am AEST
Presale ends: June 25th, 11:59pm AEST
👑 Princess Party 2.0 (15mm | Crystal Pink Foil | $7.25)
A highly requested comeback! The princess art is fully revamped and the background is a sweet cotton candy blend. I made some adjustments to the order in which the princesses appear and also added a new princess. See the website to spot the addition hehe~
🥐 Café Time (15mm | Light Gold Foil | $7.25)
I designed this washi because cafés are my second home. This will be a fun way to mark munching on a pastry, grabbing a to go drink, working, or chatting with a friend!
😊 Affirmations (15mm | Silver Foil | $7.25)
As one of the pieces in our affirmations collection, I am so excited to share with you this washi. I struggle with accepting all of these things about myself, and while I don't think a washi tape will fix that, it's such a great reminder especially on down days. I hope it can be a source of joy for everyone else too!
🤑 Bills & Budgets (15mm | Light Gold Foil | $7.25)
Depending on how you look at it, this might not be a fun washi to use haha. But regardless, I love how it turned out! This also happens to be our first true green washi...
🌸 The Four Seasons (18mm | Silver Foil | $8.75)
I already showed this design back in April but I am still just as in love! This is a slightly thicker washi as I wanted to ensure I could fit lots of details in the scenery. It is a continuous pattern of the four seasons, a nod to the brilliant Italian composer, Antonio Vivaldi. (Note: this preview image is altered to fit in a snippet of all 4 seasons. See website listing for the full version.)
💪 Fitness Fun (15mm | Silver Foil | $7.25)
A cute washi that mighttt motivate me to stay consistent with my fitness journey haha. The classic bubble butt emoti is my favourite of course!
🥰 Self-Care 2.0 (15mm | Matte Purple Foil | $7.25)
One of our most popular washi designs is back, revamped! A gorgeous soft lavender background with purple foil to match. Perfect to mark rest days.
🌈 Rainbow Animal Onesies 2.0 (15mm | Holo Foil | $7.25)
This was originally released 3 years ago so a revamp was definitely needed! The most happy roll of emoti onesies on a rainbow background.
🙂 Classic Emotis Washi (15mm | Silver Foil | $7.25) (If our stock sells out prior)

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