How long until my order ships?
Processing time is currently 1 - 5 business days

Can I return or exchange my item?
Sorry, we don’t accept exchanges or returns for change of mind. However, we want you to love your item, so if there is a problem, please let us know so we can fix it. If your order has not begun processing yet, you may be able to cancel and receive a refund minus a 10% restocking/processing fee. 

Can I edit a preorder?
No, once your preorder is placed it is subject to the same terms as any other order (no exchanges or refunds for change of mind). I place my order with the brand based on preorders and therefore it is final.

Can I add to a preorder?
It will depend on what postage you paid when you placed your original order.

Do you combine orders?
Absolutely, as long as your order is still open! Send me an email (favthingscollective@gmail.com) or leave a note at checkout. If you wish to place and order and add to it over the month, the Shipping Club Satchel might be a good option for you.

However, the exception to this is orders that use a free shipping discount code. The code is valid for that order only and will be shipped accordingly. Only one code is allowed per order, combining orders is considered double dipping on the codes and unfair to everyone else. Chose the code that is best for you at the time!

What is Shipping Club? 
Shipping club is a service I offer which allows you to shop multiple times over the month for the one shipping price. The shipping also includes a small storage fee that accounts for the extra time that compiling these orders takes.  

Can I use my rewards as the same time as a sale?
Sadly, Shopify only allows one discount at a time. 

I received a refund with no explanation?
Shopify doesn't send a note with a refund but I will refund your shipping charges if you have paid too much. 

Can I request a specific item from your stockist?
Of course and please do! I am here to get you what you want. Different stockists have different ordering conditions but I will always do my best to get it in for you.

How do I suggest a stockist?
I love to know what you are looking for! Send me an email at (favthingscollective@gmail.com)

How do I apply to be  a stockist?
I am always looking for new pretties! Send me an email at (favthingscollective@gmail.com)

Do you have permission to sell these items?
Yes! I have an agreement with every brand I stock.

Why don't you stock any Australian brands?
It is definitely not because I don't love them! I started the store as a way for people to save on shipping costs and buying an Australian brand from me would cost the same in shipping as from the brand. I still support the brand itself, I love my happy mail!