Fountain Pen: Sailor | Dip Pen | 1.0mm (Nib Only)


From Sailor: 
The name, Hocoro is derived from "Hokorobu" which means "the bud opens". The name comes from the image of colourful flowers blooming from the pen tip. The pen shaft is shaped in a way that has a roll stop function.  Even if you don't have a pen rest, you don't have to worry about the pen rolling off your desk.

The resin part (large tip) into which the pen tip is inserted has a hole like a laughing mouth to prevent accidental ingestion, but this is another of the "Hokorobu" that is the origin of hocoro. The meaning is linked to "the face will be fluttering and smiling".

A spare nib for your dip pen that allows you to experiment with different widths and styles. 

The replacement nib is 1.0 mm nib