Sticker Book: Favourites v.2


This sticker book contains the most popular stickers from OnceMoreWithLove's Year 4 to 6 (2018-2021)! A great collection to carry around, and to be used as an addition to Vol. 2 Favourites Part I which contains popular stickers from Years 1-3 (2015-2018).

The sticker book is held together with 2 staples. As much as we try to ensure that the staples are fixed properly, please be careful when touching staples.

There is a flap closure on the front of the book. You can slot in the side of a flap into the closure to keep it nice and snug.

This book contains 73 stickers over 7 pages.

What you need to know:
Size: Each sheet is approximately 5.5x9 cm.
Material: Non-removable matte white adhesive paper
Design: All designs are original and created by Once More With Love. No clip art is being used in my designs.


Copyright © 2021 by Margaret Ying of OnceMoreWithLove™.