Pen: Uni-ball Jetstream | 3-colour | 0.5mm


Jetstream 3 colour ink pen SXE3-507 model with more Black ink.

Black is the most used ink, so SXE3-507 model has: 

  • A special black ink barrel has made it possible to increase black ink capacity by 70% up without changing the external barrel size. 
  • Places the black ink knock button on the top of the pen, other ink colour knocks buttons are located on the side of the body.


  • 3 in 1 Multi colour pen (Black, Blue and Red ink in one pen)
  • Black ink has 70% more ink capacity than the other 2 (Blue and Red) inks. 
  • Smooth flow Jetstream ink.
  • Enforced clip 
  • Side knock colour corresponds to ink colour. Top (Black ink) knock button corresponding to body colour. 
  • Replaceable ink barrels 


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