Planner Purse: Green & Black | All Sizes


The PlannerCover Purses will be available in A5, B6 and A6 sizes. Black and Green eco friendly Vegan Leather.

Truly a multifunctional planner cover, wallet, wristlet and crossbody bag.
Our covers are designed to not only fit our books but they will comfortably house all Standard A5, B6 (both European and Japanese B6 sizes) and A6 planners sizes (Hobonichi Cousin, Hobonichi Techo a6, Stalogy B6 etc)!

Planner Purse Features:

Front Outside Pocket: Easily access your essentials such as keys, phone, money, or credit cards without removing the bag. While wearing it as a crossbody bag, the front pocket ensures convenient and quick access to your most frequently used items.

Pen Loop: Keep your favourite fountain, gel, or ballpoint pen securely in place with the dedicated pen loop, ensuring that it's always within reach when inspiration strikes.

Inside Credit Card Slots: The Planner Purse features five interior credit card slots, providing a convenient and organized way to carry your essential cards.

Left and Right Full-Length Inside Pockets: Slide your planner and notebook covers into the designated left and right inside pockets, keeping them securely in place while providing easy access.

Additional Full-Length Pockets: On both the left and right sides of the Planner Purse, you'll find additional full-length pockets. These pockets are strategically designed to face upwards when wearing the bag as a crossbody, allowing you to access the main compartment without removing the bag. They serve as excellent storage options for cash, receipts, passports, or any other items you need to keep close at hand.

With the Planner Purse, you can experience the perfect blend of convenience, organization, and style.  Embrace a seamless, stylish and multifunctional approach to keeping your planner close at hand wherever you go.

Enhance your planning experience with the Wonderland222 Planner Purse!

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