Washi: Wedding Collection (Set of 4)

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Celebrate love and matrimony with this Steam Team collection! Featuring an assortment of stationery, planner supplies, and accessories, the Wedding Collection is perfect for commemorating an anniversary, a wedding, or other joyous memories in your notebooks, planner, scrapbook, and more!

  • Set of washi tape each featuring 10m length of tape
  • Use these washi rolls to decorate your planners, accent your bullet journals, spice up your greeting cards, and supercharge your other crafty projects!


  1. WASHI (15MM) - Wedding - Bridal Party (15mm)
  2. WASHI (15MM) - Wedding - Happily Ever After (15mm)
  3. WASHI (10MM) - Wedding - Tuxedo (10mm)
  4. WASHI (10MM, PERFORATED 1") - Wedding - Days Of The Week Scripts (10mm, 1" perforated)

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