Sticker Sheets | Deco: You Will Be All Right


Some days are just not our days... We feel overwhelmed with responsibilities, places to be, things that we need to get done... Our hearts are heavy and we can't wait for some quiet time to recover and recharge on our own. This sheet was designed when I was in one of those moments where I needed to give myself space from everything that was overwhelming me. I tried to put my feelings down on paper and to express how I could cope with these feelings. So here is one sheet of munchkins giving themselves the time and space they need to recharge. I hope you remind yourself to prioritize self-care and stay aware of your emotions!

What you need to know:

1) Size - Each sheet is approximately 11.5x9 cm.
2) Type - Designed for all planners, organizers, calendars, bullet journals, and traveller's notebooks
3) Material - Non-removable matte white adhesive paper
4) Design - All designs are original and created by Once More With Love. No clip art is being used in my designs.


All words and images belong to Once More With Love