Tarot Deck: The Way Of The Panda by Fables Den



Get ready for cuteness overload and pandas, pandas, PANDAS! The Way of the Panda Tarot has a sweet, playful and affectionate personality, and it volunteers to be your favourite give-you-a-hug deck! When you're feeling like nothing is working out or Mercury is mercilessly retrograding - the pandas will be there to brighten up your day with their silly antics. You probably know this already, but the pandas looove to play - and they are more than excited to hang out with you and your Inner Child on a tarot fun-date!

Gentle, warm but definitely honest, you can count on the pandas to tell you the truth - but being pandas, they can't help but give you a hug afterwards. You can be vulnerable with this deck, and trust the pandas to comfort you on a rainy day and adore you with their precious eyes. (Just look at that face!! Ugh💖🥺)The pandas want you to know that you're enough, and lovely just as you are...and whoever disagrees can get panda-pawed in the face! (Uh-oh, the pandas are getting riled up - let's move on to the guidebook!) 


Way of the Panda Tarot is a beginner-friendly deck with no complex esoteric symbolism and is highly suited to intuitive & emotive readers. When unsure, you can brush up on tarot basics and look up relevant keywords for each card with the 84-paged mini guidebook that comes with every deck! To guarantee a truly panda-tastic reading, combine the panda messages found on each card's entry and the exclusive panda-themed spreads in the book to power through life, panda-style!


Way of the Panda: Imagine Edition comes with 80 cards: 78 tarot cards, 1 edition-exclusive bonus card "Imagination Station", and 1 bonus bookmark card. It is printed on standard size cards (7 x 12CM) via high quality art paper cardstock with smooth matte lamination and bamboo matte edging - all housed in a sturdy but dreamy magnetic clasp box with SPOT UV treatment and rose petal finish.