Washi: Beary Cute Collection


Snuggle up with the Steam Team in their Beary Cute onesies! 🥰 Inspired by LV who wore a bear onesie in his newborn photo shoot, our Beary Cute Collection features a variety of planner goodies and will bring the coziness and sweetness of snuggling with a favourite stuffed animal into your planners, journals, and more 🧸

NOTE: The product will have rose gold foil. The foil pictured below is from the initial incorrect batch with the wrong foil (antique gold).

  • Set of 3 washi tape each featuring 10m length of tape
  • Use these washi rolls to decorate your planners, accent your bullet journals, spice up your greeting cards, and supercharge your other crafty projects!


  1. WASHI (15MM) - Steam Team Bears (15mm)
  2. WASHI (10MM) - Neutral Rainbows (10mm)
  3. WASHI (15MM) - Beary Cuddly (15mm)


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