Washi: Lil' Sakura Collection


These washi tapes are a perfect addition to decorating scrapbooks, journals, notebooks, or even accessories such as cables and phone cases. Washi tapes are designed to be easily removable and will not leave a sticky residue. Please note that each roll of washi tape is NOT shrink wrapped.

What you need to know:


The Rolls:

(1) Washi - 5mm - Lil' Sakura - gold foiled (pink)
(2) Washi - 5mm - Lil' Sakura - gold foiled (light blue)
(3) Washi - 5mm - Lil' Sakura - gold foiled (light pink)
(4) Washi - 15mm - Lil' Yukatas - gold foiled
(5) Washi - 20mm - Lil' Misfit Dolls - gold foiled
(6) Washi - 25mm - Matsuri Festival - gold foiled

Foil - Gold
Length - 10m 

Colors may vary slightly due to the platform viewed on.

All images and words belong to Sum Lil Things