Tarot Reading: What Does The Universe Want Me To Know


Card reading is a hobby of mine and I would like to share it with you!  These readings will not tell you your future or make predictions but more aid you in the making of goals or areas to focus on. I have seen readings like mine referred to as counseling through cards. 

Curious about what the universe might have to say?

This is a 3 card reading to be interpreted by me, asking the universe for a message for you. 

Crystal Affirmation Add on: I will pull a crystal affirmation card to match your reading/question 

You will receive a photo of the cards and the reading typed up by email within 48 hours of purchase. 


I will not do readings on legal questions, lotto numbers, gambling questions, and medical issues. Additionally, I do not provide exact dates, times, and numbers. 

This reading is for entertainment purposes only. Since it is for fun, there will be no refunds once the reading is completed or if you feel it is wrong/ do not like the outcome.